Preview the new album “How do you know?”

Here is an exclusive preview of the upcoming album “How do you know?” released at Dougie MacLean’s Perthshire Amber festival on 5th November.

It’s Tim’s first record mainly as a singer with 6 songs and 4 instrumental pieces, also showcasing his until now secret talents as a singer and writer also with the original songs The Elevator blues&You give me your love.

Produced by Robin Wynn Evans at Tpot studios in Scotland and featuring guests; Dermot Byrne, Lizabett Russo, Steve Cooney, Gordy Duncan jr, David Griffiths, Owen Nicholson and Triona Marshall.

You can pre-order this exciting new cd from the shop pages on this site for a crazy price of just £10 including postage worldwide. (All cd’s dispatched on 5/11/16).untitled-5