The Chieftains+Michael Spriggs US 2016

Well we are into the last stretch of The Chieftains US shows here tonight in New Brunswick NJ, we have covered some ground on this trip from Arizona to California redwood territory then to Illinois and the historic Lincoln county and NYC saturday, this is the 53rd year of Paddy Moloney’s legendary Irish band on the road and one could say that The Chieftains helped invent world music with albums like 1983’s Chieftains in China, San Patricio with Ry Cooder and many more, and have opened so many doors for celtic music globally.

Tim has been honored to be a guest in the stellar lineup for the 3rd US tour now and as always some amazing guests often pop in along the road to say hello and play a tune, Hebridean singer with the Chieftains Alyth McCormack has been working with a top Nashville guitarist/writer+producer originally from the Isle of Man Michael Spriggs whom has written for people like Tammy Wynette, Kenny Rogers and regularly works with producers like rock pioneer Bob Ezrin (whom Tim worked with on the latest Natalie MacMaster+Donnell Leahy record “One”).

Michael played some bouzouki on the show and Tim was delighted to get to play a tune and have a chat with him, I think Michael+Tim may be meeting again and making some music hopefully.