The Chieftains US tour 2015, Nasa astronaut Cady Coleman, Ry Cooder and Hutch Hutchinson…

Tim has just finished a major month long east-west coast US tour with the original and most famous Irish/Celtic band on earth The Chieftains.

It is always a favourite of Tim’s, now in his 4th year of guesting with the 6 time grammy winning group in the touring lineup, having played on the recent “Voice of ages” album which featured all the old Chieftains and guests like Paolo Nutini, The civil wars, secret sisters and more.

Featuring founder Paddy Moloney and long time members Kevin Conneff&Matt Molloy with longtime young chiefs; Canadian’s Jon&Nathan Pilatzke, New Yorker Cara Butler, harpist Triona Marshall, Hebridean singer Alyth McCormack, and newer baby chiefs; Tim, co Clare’s superb fiddle/multi-instrumentalistTara Breen, Waterford’s Martin Murray and a stellar sound team; ace Canadian soundman Mike Sponarski (Norah Jones, Emmylou, Lyle Lovett, Vince Gill) and Nova Scotian monitor engineer Larry Walker (Barra McNeills, CBC).

This time the no 1 Irish/Folk night out in the US took in the east coast including Delaware, Kansas, New Jersey where NASA astronaut Cady Coleman joined for some shows here and in Boston area, Iowa, Scottsdale, Arizona for Saint Patrick’s day, Georgia with Atlanta symphony for 2 sell out nights, and finishing in wonderful warm Costa Mesa CA with renowned conductor Richard Kauffman and The Pacific symphony with some very special guests on the final night saturday 22nd March the legendary Ry Cooder and renowned bassist Hutch Hutchinson (Bonnie Rait).

Ry sang the song ‘sands of Mexico” which he wrote for the San Patricio album produced by Paddy Moloney, and it was a musical heaven for Tim whom a fan of The Chiefs and Ry since 12 years old was sat next to Hutch and near Paddy, Kevin and Ry and the other members of the band.