Hope you guys are all having a good Thursday morning so far in these strange times!

Some news...

All my music from today is ONLY available from this website! I am no longer having my music available on Spotify etc or iTunes I am an independent artist and make nothing hardly from these platforms, so I am taking back control of my music again!

(With some possibly remaining on certain platforms until the process finishes.)

Physical cd's currently available are; Sleeping tunes 3. lockdown edition, "Being myself" & "Sailing over the 7th string"


On Monday 28th September the day before my 41'st birthday!:) I am doing another "Tim Edey's Monday night music club!" LIVE FROM MULLET THE VAN IN SCOTLAND!

Join me broadcasting live@7.30pm from facebook, youtube and this website (links shared shortly) no entrance or cover fee but a suggested donation if you can afford it is just 5 pounds or 5 euros.

After the concert I will be doing a ZOOM "meet Tim session!" where I will chat, answer any questions and have some craic with anyone that wants to join, again free! links to follow. (Please email me here to show your interest for the Zoom meet EMAIL)


The Tim Edey Show! "Live in concert on Facebook & Youtube"

Facebook & Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/timedeymusic, Scotland

Tim's popular weekly show bringing world class music, song & entertainment to your living room during these times where live music simply isn't happening.

A mixture of Irish, Celtic, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, popular, classical & more! Watch a true musical virtuoso at work and he can read and respond to comments and interact while he's performing! ... unique show.

On both facebook; https://www.facebook.com/tim.edey/

and Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/timedeymusic

Although obviously at this time Tim can't appear in person at live gigs he is able to play for your folk club, festival, party etc on ZOOM, Facebook etc digital online live event or pre-record a concert to your spec for a very reasonable fee please email here below, Tim is highly entertaining and a natural at this format so you'll not go wrong here really;



With the incredibly difficult times for the music industry & many others and also due to Facebook copyright issues with my own music use & also many other factors, I will be reducing my facebook concerts but instead offering a really exciting new way of seeing me play starting with my  Tim Edey's "Monday music club" starting on 15th August from 8pm-10pm including a chance to chat with me virtually! and listen to a high quality streaming concert in the comfort of your own home for the price of a glass of wine in a pub! More details shortly. 



If you enjoy Tim's music consider donating a small tip using the PayPal link below, even the price of a latte makes a massive difference to an independent musician during these times of 100% of work being cancelled! Thank you!:) 



Many new clips of lessons on the store page for guitar & melodeon/button accordion & exciting new acsluive clips including a never released concert film of "Live in Scotland" - The Tim Edey Trio.

Tim is offering a rare chance to learn or gain new tips on guitar or button accordion beginners - advanced, with him online from anywhere on earth via Skype & FaceTime! At an incredibly affordable rate offering incredible value of £30 for 1 full hour. 

BOOK NOW - https://timedey.youcanbook.me/

Welcome to the tim edey website!

​“One of the greatest melodeon players in the world" Mike Harding

"A ferocious passion and a beautiful tenderness, sensitivity, respect, understanding & love perpetually shines out through the music of virtuoso musician Tim Edey.”

“Tim Edey plays a host of different instruments to a standard us mere mortals can only dream of. Listen and weep”- Jim Byrne, The Living Tradition

Tim Edey (BBC Radio Two's Musician of the year 2012 (BBC R2 FOLK AWARDS) multi- instrumentalist and singer, has toured the world and recorded with most of the major names in Celtic/Contemporary roots music including; The Chieftains, Ry Cooder, Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon, Ross Ainslie, Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy, Steve Cooney, Ewen Vernal (Deacon Blue) Altan, Capercaillie, Brendan Power, Michael McGoldrick, Seamus Begley, Dougie Maclean, Kevin Burke, Liam O'Maonlai, The Barra MacNeills, JP Cormier, Shaun Davey, Session A9, Lunasa, Vinnie Kilduff , Mary Black, Session A9, Julie Fowlis, Frankie Gavin to name but a few...

Tim now a name on the world stage in his own right after seventeen years of hard work, is rated by many to be one of the world's finest ever Melodoen and Guitar players in the folk & contemporary scene today!

Originally from Broadstairs in Kent and of direct Irish descent. Tim honed his unique style's on guitar & button box learning from his father Richard a fine guitarist and listening to Ed Boyd, Steve Cooney and Django Reinhardt & players like Ben Dauncey, Luke Daniels, Sharon Shannon, Dermot Byrne & Seamus Begley.

He has lived in Ireland on and off for many years and now resides in Perthshire, Scotland where he is based with his family and tours all over the world regularly from.

​Tim's live solo shows are a stunning mix of world music inspired instrumental virtuosity and passion with a strong Celtic theme, to audience - chorus lines and above all a highly entertaining night of musical genius.

Latest releases

The Sleeping Tunes 3. Lockdown edition

Tim Edey

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"When I play these pieces I feel they tell a story even without words, i feel the emotion of them"
Tim Edey April 2020

20 new cuts of Solo guitar played by renowned BBC Radio Two Best Musician & Chieftains guitarist Tim Edey, including classics like Tim's Little bird, Dark Island, Bruach Na Carraige Báine, For Ireland I won't tell her name, Michael Turners waltz & many more.

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